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    Online workshops for all children, their parents and grandparents. Join us from the comfort of your home!

    Postavtesi is a series of online video-workshops for children aged 5 to 15. Our goal is to stimulate children’s creativity, imagination, desire to play, build and invent. We want to connect adults and children, bring them closer, motivate them to cooperate and play together. 🪢

    In each workshop you can also participate in a draw for a great LEGO® box! 🛠



    We build a community of makers (innovators, creators and inventors), we develop open workshops and we popularize modern technologies and traditional crafts through hands-on activities.

    Our goal is to develop Czech maker movement through the Maker Faire festivals, to popularize crativity as an alternative to the consumerist way of life and to support makers in the development of their projects. We prepare the FAB2024 conference and we want to build digital makerspaces and open workshops (FabLabs) and make them accessible to the broad public in each region.